How to Get your CV Noticed

It can be pretty disheartening when you have applied for a lot of jobs but never heard back from any of them. The competition has become so tough and with so many candidates applying for the same job, only a few best ones get noticed by the recruiters. So, what can you do to make sure that the recruiter notices your CV and it does not end up in the trash or a shredder? Well, we have got just the tips.

You need to make sure your CV stands out among the plethora of candidates that are applying for the same job, especially if you are new with limited experience. Do you know not all the CVs we send are viewed by the recruiter? In fact, 75% of the CVs are never viewed by the human eye and get discarded by the bots that scan your CVs first. Here are some tried and tested tips that will help you make an impact on the recruiter and will give your CV a boost:

  1. Beat the Bots:

The first thing that your CV needs to be is ATS optimized. There is no point in writing a really good, well-formatted cv that includes all your experience and uses fancy words if it does not match the job description. It is only going to end in the trash if the ATS does not rank you suitable for the job. The best way to make sure your CV makes you look like the perfect potential employee is to ensure it fits the job description to the T. Read the job description carefully and note down all the keywords you find, most of them will be in the responsibilities area. Now compare these keywords to the skills you have. Write down the ones that you have in your CV and you are good to go.

  • Research Yourself:

In this age of social media, a recruiter is bound to research your name on Google so you might as well be prepared for it. Research your full name that will be on the resume on Google and check if you can delete any undesirable results that emerge. Maybe a personal Facebook post or an Instagram photo you have been tagged in. One thing you can do is make your CV online or create an online portfolio. So, when the recruiter searches you and comes across your work, they will be highly impressed. You can even make sure your LinkedIn is updated and well-maintained because it might show up at the top of the Google search.

  • Don’t Restrict “Work Experience” Section:

Your work experience does not strictly have to be about a professional job that you worked on. You can include big college projects like Capstone ones or your thesis or any other significant project that you might have worked on for your internship, especially if you are a fresh graduate. Sometimes, all of these can include just the skills the recruiters are looking for like communication skills, leadership, or project management. You can name the section “relevant experience” or “relevant projects”. Make sure to include the projects that are relevant to the target job role.

  • Use Quantifiable Data:

Rather than talking about your skills at length, let the data do the talking. Using result-oriented data will not only make your skills sound credible but it would impress the recruiter and make you stand out. Metrics are always better than words as they verify your previous success in detail and highlight your accomplishments in a better way. Since a recruiter only spends 7 seconds viewing your CV, you need to convey the most important information. Instead of using a sentence like “I did market research for my organization that resulted in increased revenue”, use a more quantifiable one like “Increased the annual revenue by 20% by conducting strategic market research for the organization.”

  • Tailor the CV for Each Job:

It is pretty obvious that using a generic CV will not get you noticed by the recruiter so, so if you are guilty about taking this approach, applying for all the jobs with the same CV then, it is time to change this. Most companies use ATS scanning software that will discard your CV if it is generic. Make sure each time you apply for a different job, you edit your CV to match the target job description. A unique CV is what you need to impress the recruiter and not a copy of the CV they probably get hundreds of daily. Standing out as a candidate is all about having a different yet relevant CV that shows the recruiter your dedication.

  • No Room for Errors:

When you are competing against hundreds of people for the same job, there is no room for errors like spelling and grammatical mistakes. Make sure your CV is perfect from top to bottom. Check if the format is right if you have mentioned start and end dates for all your previous jobs, if you have mentioned all the achievements using metrics and if your contact details are accurate. You can also have a friend or a mentor proofread your CV or take help from an online software for spell and grammar checks. According to the professional CV writers in Pakistan, spelling errors might be the reason for a recruiter not taking your CV seriously even if it is brimming with relevant experience.

  • Keep it Short:

A recruiter does not have enough time to read your whole CV and even if they did, they would not appreciate receiving a 3-page long detailed review of every job you have done. Your CV should be a maximum of 2 pages long and that too if you have an experience of 6 to 7 years. If you are a professional with an experience of more than 10 or 15 years then, a 3-page CV might be justifiable. Otherwise, keep all the information in your CV to the point and precise. A recruiter is not interested in learning every detail about your daily responsibilities. Just include relevant information and the rest can be discussed in the interview.

Your CV is the first thing that a recruiter will see and you get only one chance to make sure that it impresses them enough that you land an interview. You can also order a CV from the professional CV writing service providers in Pakistan. A well-made CV can be your biggest advantage so make sure you give enough time and effort to creating a perfect CV.