Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

As a fresh graduate or a student in the final semester, you must be thinking about the next step; entering the professional world. While college might teach you a lot of things, it does not prepare you for what’s ahead. Working 9 to 5, working in a professional environment with people you do not know, and learning the tactics of handling your personal life along with the professional one is some of the things you learn as you go. All of this starts by securing a good job where you will be able to transfer all that you have learned and the first step towards securing your first-ever job is to write a functional resume.

As a fresh graduate, you might have limited to no experience, so, how do you write a resume that is effective enough to get you a job? Well, here are some resume writing tips for freshers that will help you write a professional resume that impresses the recruiter and gets you the job:

Resume Writing Tips for Freshers:

  • Choosing the Right Format:

A lot of fresh graduates do not pay much attention to the resume format and go for the chronological one. While the chronological format is the most popular and used format, it is not fit for individuals who have limited work experience or no work experience. Whereas a functional resume format allows you to play on your skills and abilities and your lack of experience takes the backseat. This is why professional resume writers in Pakistan recommend that freshers and beginners should use a functional resume format. It will focus on all your skills, and strengths, and highlight all that you are capable of and have learned throughout your studies. It will instantly make you look like a strong candidate for the target role and show why you are capable of performing the job.

  • Read the Job Description:

One of the most important things to do before you start writing a resume is to go through the target job description to develop an idea of what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. Reading the job description will set up a guideline of what your resume should include and you will have a definite draft of your resume. You can also make your resume ATS-optimized by including all the keywords that the job description has. Including the relevant keywords in your resume will make you fit the entire criteria of the perfect candidate and it will also make the recruiter see that you match the job so well.

  • Strong Profile Summary:

Sometimes a recruiter does not read the entire resume, just the profile summary so your profile summary has to summarize your entire resume. A profile summary is the introduction of your resume so make sure you start it strong by including all your key achievements and conveying your knowledge and abilities relevant to the job. Showcase yourself as the best candidate for the position by sharing your skills to explain what value you can add to the company. Here is an example of a strong profile summary:

Dedicated and talented business science graduate with the ability to perform accounting and business administration operations. Seeking an entry-level position where prior knowledge and transferable skills can be utilized. Capable of developing strategic plans for business expansion and fulfilling predefined objectives and goals. Possess technical skills necessary to increase the efficiency of a business. Skilled in interpersonal communications with the ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels.

  • Focus on Skills Section:

Since you do not have much experience, the main focus of the recruiter will be on your skills. You may think you do not have many skills but we develop so many valuable skills throughout our academic career and they can be easily transferred to a professional position. Go through the job description to identify the skills the recruiter is looking for. Write down all the skills you have including the technical skills, hard skills, and soft skills. Remember, soft skills are just as important as hard skills and a recruiter looks for them in every candidate. Here are some of the skills you must have developed in your educational institute:

Interpersonal Skills




Problem Solving

  • Proofread Your Resume:

Proofreading your resume is really important even if you think that you have done everything right. You can also ask a friend to read your resume for you to get another perspective. Make sure you check your grammar and avoid any spelling mistakes, especially in the contact section, you can also use grammar or spell-checking software to fix your resume. You might think it is okay to have one or two minor mistakes in your resume but it will only convey that you are lazy and unprofessional. Read your resume at least two times before you send it, you can also print it out and read it as reading from a paper makes it easy to identify mistakes.

  • Cover Letter:

The best thing you can do to your job application includes a professional cover letter in it. Adding a cover letter will not only make a positive impact on the recruiter, but it will also distinguish you from all the other candidates. A cover letter shows how dedicated you are and that you went the extra mile to make an effort. A cover letter is also your chance to add a personal touch to your job application and explain to the recruiter why you are the perfect candidate for the job. A cover letter than compliments your resume will make your job application more strong and effective.

Writing a resume for the first for your first-ever job can be quite overwhelming but remember, the more effort and time you put into it, the greater it will be. You can also order a resume from any professional resume writing services in Pakistan. A resume is the most important part of a job application and it should be made with utmost attention and proficiency so that it can have the intended effect. As a fresher, the aforementioned tips will help you create the most amazing professional resume for a beginner.