Terms & Conditions

Services Delivery

a.1 ) Normal Delivery

  • The Normal delivery time for services is 5 – 7 working days
  • The delivery date that is mentioned in the “payment acknowledgment” email is considered the official delivery date provided by the company to its clients.
  • The mentioned delivery date (in payment acknowledgment) is an estimated delivery date, it can be changed without any prior notice (if, any unusual circumstances arise).
  • Only working days are included while assigning the service delivery day. Saturdays, Sundays, and declared public holidays will not be counted while assigning the delivery date.
  • The delivery is subject to submission of the filled questionnaire or notification via email to skip the questionnaire. The delivery countdown will not be started until the customer does not submit the filled questionnaire or notify about skipping it.
  • The services can only be delivered to the provided email address.
  • Delivery for any minor/major revisions requires a minimum of 48-working hours (or 2 working days)

a.2) Express Delivery

  • The terms defined in the “Normal delivery” are also applicable in Express delivery except the assigned delivery time becomes 48-working hours (or 2 working days). 
  • Same as Normal delivery, only working days are included while assigning the service delivery day in express delivery. Saturdays, Sundays, and declared public holidays will not be counted while assigning the delivery date.

Client Company Interaction

b.1) Interaction with customer relations department

  • A client can connect with customer relations through Phone calls, WhatsApp chats, or emails.
  • The customer relations department is available to serve clients from PST 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. (Unless any declared public holidays).
  • Customers can discuss the general and specific service-related queries with on-call Customer representatives.
  • All the audio calls/chats/emails are preserved as part of the record to ensure the quality of the services.

b.2) Interaction with the assigned writer

  • The assigned writer can be reached by the clients through their email addresses.
  • The client can use the client portal (of which credentials are shared) to get directly in touch with the assigned writer.
  • The writing department is available for client interactions from PST 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. (Unless any declared public holidays).
  • The writing department can not be reached through phone calls or any other communication medium other than the above-mentioned channels.

Communicating the objectives of new resume/ New resume requirements

  • The customers must communicate the resume objectives before the work on the project gets started. The resume objectives can be communicated either through email to the writing department or through phone calls/WhatsApp in customer relations.
  • Once the new resume objectives/requirements are communicated they can not be changed without taking the writing department or assigned writer on board.
  • If the work on the services has started and a sufficient amount of work is performed already the communicated resume objectives can not be changed.

Provision of Primary Information

d.1)  Basic/Fundamental information

  • The clients are required to provide the basic/fundamental information either through the old/existing CV (if, available) or through the filled questionnaire.
  • Any type of fundamental information that is not provided through an old/existing resume shall be provided through a questionnaire or any other word/PDF document.
  • The information can not be provided over a phone call or text message, it necessarily has to be in a documented form, it can also be provided on the client portal (of which the credentials are shared).
  • The primary information must be provided during the initial 3-days of starting the project otherwise, it will affect (delay) the assigned delivery date.
  • Once the work on the project has been started and a good amount of work is done on services. The writing department can reject the information considering its relevancy with the objectives of the resumes discussed in beginning.
  • The writing department is entitled to only work on the information that is provided. If some professional areas lack sufficient information the department would not be able to work on it.

d.2) Additional Information

  • Any additional information apart from the shared resume must be shared through the provided questionnaire.
  • If any customer is unable to fill the questionnaire the additional information can be provided through a word document by emailing directly to the assigned writer or on the client portal (of which credentials are shared).
  • Additional information can not be provided on phone calls/WhatsApp, text messages, or any other platform apart from the above-mentioned channels.
  • Just like fundamental information the additional information also must be shared within the initial 3 days of starting the project to avoid any delays.
  • The writing department can ignore the additional information considering its relevancy with the resume objective discussed in beginning.


  • All the clients are entitled to get a 14-days free revision period.
  • All the revisions that are not aligned with the discussed resume objectives will be rejected.
  • Revisions refer to the minor changes in resume sections. The resume template or objectives of the resume can not be considered as revisions.
  • The revision period starts on the day client gets the delivery of his/her first draft through email.
  • 14- days free revision period contains 2 rounds of free revisions, any client who wants to avail revisions more than twice will have to pay according to the changes.
  • The price for changes (after free rounds) can be discussed only in the Customer Relations Department.
  • Minimum 48-working hours (2 working days) are required to get the delivery of revised documents.


  • All the payments have to be 100% in advance to initiate the services.
  • It is mandatory to confirm the payments (through a transaction slip/screenshot) on the day it is made or on the next working day in the Customer Relations Department.
  • No refund can be processed once the work on the services gets started
  • In case of refund minimum of 7-working days are required for processing (Except Bank Holidays)