Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, The process is very simple and easy, you just need to follow the following steps;

  • Opt for any package according to your preferences of the writer’s level or other offerings.
  • Subscribe to it by filling the Sign-up form, share your contact information through that form.
  • Get payment details on the email address that you shared in the sign-up process.
  • Proceed towards payment procedures, and share the payment screenshot/slip for the payment verification in reply to that email.
  • Fill the questionnaire sent to you along with the payment acknowledgment and send it to us, ignore it and inform us, if you have already shared the existing CV in the sign-up process that has enough information to be included in your new CV.
  • Wait for 5 working days, and get your services delivered.
  • Throughout the process, keep checking your service progress and messages sent by your writer on the Client help desk.

Do not worry, if you do not have an existing CV to provide us your information, simply fill the questionnaire sent to you by our writing department to help us get your information.

In that case, you can always send that piece of information to your writing team through the Client Help Desk. Your messages/information will be directly delivered to your writing team. Try to be as early as possible to deliver that information so your writers can get it during the data collection phase. Otherwise, it may affect your delivery date. 

As far as customer support is concerned we use various types of communication methods to provide you immediate assistance quickly, but when it comes to providing information about your CV to your writer we have a Client help Desk, that connects you directly with your writer without any third medium. It is not like we will never respond to you on the phone call but a phone call is not the primary and optimal communication method to provide a significant, detailed piece of information. That’s why it is always appreciated that you contact your writer either through the client help desk or via email.

Our Client Help Desk will connect you directly with your assigned writer. Our IT team provides credentials to you for your digital account through which you will be able to access the portal and contact your writer. 

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, it is software used by the majority of organizations to sort out your job applications. Only those resumes make it to the recruiters’ desk that are compatible with that software, the rest of the CVs or Resumes are rejected before even reaching your Hiring Manager. At our writers through their technical expertise enable ATS Optimization in your CV by technically using the relevant keywords in your CV content and by choosing an ATS-friendly CV format for your CVs.

Well, primarily we have two payment channels for all of our services. A client can either go for the Bank deposits or digital transfer directly into our company’s account. You can go for the Easypaisa account as well if that is convenient for you. As far as the payment method is concerned you have to make all the payments in full advance, we do not accept partial payments.

All of the documents associated with your package will be delivered to you via email at your provided email address. The documents received will be in both word and PDF formats. The document in the word format will be editable.

You will get your service delivery in a maximum of 5 working days, after the date of your payments. If you want it to be delivered early, you can opt for the instant delivery option and get it delivered within 48-working hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) by paying some additional cost.

Absolutely not, if you have to make any minor changes in your first draft, you can request that any time within 7 days of your service delivery and we will incorporate those minor changes for free without any cost. However, please note the changes have to be in the shape of minor additions or removals, not those which completely change the fundamental objective of the delivered CV.  You may be required to pay a certain amount for such changes.

Infographics and professional resumes are two different kinds of CVs/Resumes. The major difference lies in their formation and presentation. A professional Resume/CV is a sophisticated word document, and an infographic is a document that contains visuals, statistics, and graphics. A professional Resume is drafted on MS word whereas the infographic/visual resume is designed on Adobe Illustrator. Professional Resume is acceptable across the functions, Infographics is preferred by comparatively limited fields/areas like; media, designing, marketing, etc. Both of them have their own significance depending on the job a candidate is applying for.  

Yes, it is not mandatory to choose a service along with the CV packages. You can choose the services separately as well. Let it be the infographic Resume or LinkedIn Optimization you can opt for any service with or without a CV package. However, the cost of such services may get lower while availing it with a CV package.