How To Write A CV For Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a skill-based profession that involves complicated machinery and equipment handling. In this era of growing technology with an arising need of deploying innovative ideas to achieve a sustainable future, mechanical engineering has laid a strong foundation and opened successful career opportunities for young minds. Considering a massive need of employing highly-capable mechanical engineers in leading roles, the hiring organizations have set high bars by introducing extensive recruitment processes to select the most deserving and suitable candidate. This in result greatly increases the need of providing the best CV on the recruiters’ table. In this article, we will shed light on some major guidelines and techniques commonly used by CV writers in Pakistan, that have facilitated many candidates in successfully landing their dream jobs.

  • Preparing a powerful summary

The first and foremost thing that makes a CV most appealing is a summary, therefore; having a career summary that right away sells a candidate’s profile to the recruiter is a must. Here, we have some examples of ideal career summaries for both entry-level positions and senior-level positions.

For Entry-level Position:

Career-drivenand growth-minded with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, currently possess a sound understanding of [include relevant courses].

For Senior-level Position:

Results-focused professional with extensive experience in performing static, fatigue, and fracture analysis on complex structural components….

  • Writing achievements section

A professionally designed and interview-winning CV focuses on the candidate’s potential and is inclined towards showcasing their achievements. To include noteworthy milestones in your CV, you will have to closely scrutinize areas and instances in your career where you clearly exceeded the set targets and monthly KPIs as well as went above and beyond in your assigned role.

To make your achievements look like you have achieved major milestones, all you need to do is start your sentences with appropriate action words matching your profile and showcasing your soft skills. Examples of such action words include: managed, provided leadership, strategically planned, etc.

  • Designing a compelling content

Writing compelling content that will immediately attract the recruiter towards your profile is a need these days. According to CV writing professionals in Pakistan, a CV with the most efforts involved shines right away among the pool of other CVs and is alone capable enough of making its mark. To write compelling content, you should have a clear understanding of your expectations from the role and position. First, read the job descriptions carefully and evaluate your profile based on them, once you understand the expectations of the recruiter then go ahead with formatting your achievements and responsibilities with the same keywords the recruiter has provided in the job descriptions and bold these keywords to get them noticed. 

  • Writing the skillset section

Skillsets are very important for a CV as they show your competencies or knowledge of the subject matter related to your field. For a mechanical engineering CV, it is advised to include hard skills in the first two or three lines, above your soft skills to highlight your technical competencies. If you are a fresh graduate and do not possess any significant hard skills then you can also modify this section into the knowledge and abilities section that will make the recruiter understand that you possess a sound understanding of all the required skillsets.

  • Using right keywords

The keyword choice is a must and crucial while designing a winning CV. In the era of ATS optimization, to pass the extensive recruitment stages and directly land your CV on the recruiter’s table it is important to add specific keywords and areas of expertise in your CV. These keywords can be anything, your knowledge of a specific evaluation method such as ‘fatigue evaluation’ or any design technique that you are aware of.

  • Provide project details

Projects are considered significant career milestones demonstrating the candidate’s problem-solving and adaptability skills. If you have contributed to a noticeable number of projects then you can show them in your CV using a separate ‘projects’ section or include them in your professional experience section only, with your achievements. If your are a fresher you may mention your academic and final year projects.

  • The right way of highlighting experience

The ideal way of highlighting experience is not by including everything in your CV. Do remember that CVs have defined limits and writing a lengthy CV will end up making the recruiter bored and negatively impact your profile. Therefore, it is advised to first understand the recruiter’s requirements on what relevant experience is needed for the role and then only include that in your CV.

  • Writing the education section

Highlighting education is very important for entry-level positions or freshers’ CVs. Therefore, if you are willing to apply for any such role then you should mention all necessary course details, CGPA, academic awards, etc. in your education section. Secondly, if you have a strong educational background and a firm grip on certain subjects that are relevant to the field then you can also opt for a functional resume that involves focusing on such sections first by prioritizing and placing them at the start of your CV. 

  • Additional sections

Some additional sections that can strengthen your CV and make you stand out among others include ‘professional work activities’ through which you can showcase your ability to undertake certain job responsibilities. Other sections include certificates, license of practice, awards, volunteering experience, etc.

  • Key focus areas

The areas on a CV that require special attention and focus may vary from case to case. For example, for entry-level positions, the education and professional work activities section will have the most weightage so your entire focus should be on strengthening and polishing this section, whereas for senior-level positions professional experience section is the most valuable one and every detail in this section should be carefully put ensuring that it is in line with the provided job guidelines. 

While coming down to the conclusion, it is obviously at first recommended to avail a professionally designed CV from CV writing services in Pakistan but in case you do not wish to opt for such services then you can easily follow all the guidelines and tips that we have provided in this article. By following our tips, you will notice a significant improvement in your created CV and will also find it easier to design it on your own.