Benefits of Using ATS Optimized CV

Nowadays more and more local and multinational companies are adopting Applicant Tracking systems (ATS). Using ATS for hiring is the digital revolution in the HR field. Through Applicant Tracking System, the company can be digitalized its recruiting and hiring process. ATS can operate and manage all the processes of hiring and recruiting. Applicant Tracking System can increase recruiting efficiency by finding the ideal and most qualified candidate for every vacant position in the company.

What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is computer software developed for making the hiring and recruiting process easier for recruiters and employers. It is one of the most beneficial and revolutionary tools in the history of the recruiting process, which can help recruiters to sort out hundreds and thousands of CVs in very little time and find the most qualified candidates for the job. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) collects all the CVs submitted by the candidates for a particular job and find some of the qualified candidates’ CVs from thousands of applicants’ CV.

When a company uses Applicant Tracking System all the CVs submitted by the applicants directly go into the ATS system of the company. The applicant Tracking System of a company is connected to all the employment platforms and websites for job listing such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster. According to professional CV writers in Pakistan, some multinational companies in Pakistan, which are using Applicant Tracking Systems also post their jobs on Rozee (Pakistani local website for job listing) other than LinkedIn and Indeed. So if you are applying at any multinational company in Pakistan through Rozee make sure your CV is ATS optimized otherwise you will be disqualified by the Applicant Tracking System at the initial stage. After all the CVs are submitted to the ATS of a company than Applicant Tracking System starts analyzing all of these CVs and disqualifies all the CVs which is not relatable and fit for the job description. After disqualifying all the unfit CVs, ATS shortlists CVs that are most qualified and fit for the vacant job and stores these CVs in its database. From where recruiters search all the qualified CVs and find the best fit for the job.

There are many benefits for the company and recruiters to using Applicant Tracking System for the hiring and recruiting process. Manually hiring and recruiting processes are very exhausting and time-consuming. To hire just one candidate, recruiters have to post job advertisements on each job listing website one by one. Then checking all these platforms on daily basis and searching and contacting, all the candidates from each of these websites are very exhausting and annoying. By installing Applicant Tracking System, you can speed up the process of recruiting. Through ATS recruiters can do all the posting and search with just a few clicks which will save a lot of time for the recruiters and the company. Sometimes when recruiters are doing the recruiting process manually and searching thousands of resumes, some CVs of the most qualified candidates are lost or ignored unintentionally by recruiters. Applicant Tracking System makes sure this does not happen by analyzing every thousand CVs which improves the quality of hiring for any company.

ATS Optimized CV:

ATS-optimized CVs are created according to the format Applicant Tracking System follows and an ATS-compliant CV will be easily tracked andselectedby the ATS. The ATS-optimized CV will have all the keywords relevant to the job description because Applicant Tracking System scans the keywords first in any applicant’s CV. Optimizing your CV according to the ATS format is not that difficult. All you have to do is to add some relevant keywords to your CV and you will be saved from getting rejected by ATS. Following are some tips you can follow to easily optimize and create your CV according to the ATS format.

Find the job title or designation and add a relevant experience:

It is one of the first steps you have to follow in creating your ATS-optimized CV. Look at the title of the job mentioned in the job description and add the experience containing keywords that match the job designation. Like if the job title of a job is “Content Writer (entertainment)” then the recruiter will add keywords like “Content Writer” or “entertainment” into their Applicant Tracking System and if you are applying for this position then your experience should have these two keywords.

  • Find required skills and highlight them in the CV

Identify the skills which are required for the job by carefully reading the job description. After identifying, the required skills add and highlight these skills in your CV. The skills mentioned in the job description will be added, as keywords to ATS by the recruiters so make sure you use all the required skills instead of irrelevant skills otherwise, you will be rejected by ATS after the initial scanning.

  • Add other relevant keywords

After identifying relevant keywords for experience and skills search the job description and find other keywords that are related to the other section of CVs. Add all the relevant keywords in your qualification section, personal profile, or achievements section to increase your chances of getting selected by ATS.

Benefits of Using ATS-optimized CV for the Applicant:

If you are a qualified candidate for any job in a big company and you have applied for the position. Then if you do not get the interview call from the recruiter you will be discouraged and start thinking maybe you are not qualified enough. But maybe the reason behind not getting selected is not your proficiency but your CV. If the company you are applying in, uses the Applicant Tracking System and your CV is not optimized according to ATS then you will be rejected even if you are the most qualified applicant for the job. So make sure to customize your CV to ATS format before applying for any job. Following are some of the main benefits of using ATS-optimized CV

  • Standout from other candidates:

One of the main benefits of using an ATS-optimized CV for any job application is you will get ahead of the other applicants competing for the same position as you if the company uses Applicant Tracking System for hire. Any other candidate qualified or not will be rejected by the ATS after initial screening if his/her CV is not customized according to the ATS format, which will increase your chances of being selected and getting an interview call. Among thousands of applicants using an optimized CV will give you much edge and will make it easy for you to get a job in today’s competitive job market.

  • Shows you are dedicated:

When you spend much time making your CV optimized according to the ATS format it will show the recruiters you are a dedicated and hard worker applicant. Recruiters will get impressed if your CV is customized according to the job description in ATS format, which will surely increase your chances of getting an interview call from the recruiter.

  • Shows you understand the job:

When you research the job description carefully and highlight all the relevant details and keywords in your CV it shows the recruiter you understand all the responsibilities and details about the job. The recruiters always give the priority to the applicants they do not have to explain all the details about the position. So by using ATS to optimize your CVyou can show your sincerity and knowledge to recruiters which will you give an edge and make you stand out among other applicants.

Creating and customizing your CV according to the ATS format will take a little time and effort but with this little time and effort, you can score your dream job. So before applying for any job make sure to find out if the company you are applying for is using Applicant Tracking System or not. If the company has ATS then make sure to customize your CV according to the ATS format or you can lose your chance of getting your dream job.